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Our Wines


Cave de Tecou AOC Gaillac Passion Rouge

Made from the Braucol or (Fer Servadou) grape, with the addition of Merlot, this oak-aged red has a velvety, rounded texture, allied to the vigour and full-bodied character typical of Gaillac rouge.


Cave de Tecou AOC Gaillac Passion Blanc Sec

This full-bodied white, made from the Len de l'El grape with the addition of Sauvignon, is fermented in oak casts and has a floral flavour enhanced by the woody aroma.  Compliments fish, seafood and white meat.


Cave de Tecou AOC Gaillac Fascination Rouge

This full-bodied and fruity red is made from the Braucol grape, together with Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.  Eminently drinkable, this supple red goes well with meats and cheese.


Cave de Tecou AOC Gaillac Fascination Blanc Sec

The Fascination blanc is made from the Len de l'El grape, with additional Sauvignon, Muscadelle and Mauzac.  It has a clean, fresh and fruity flavour with a citrus aroma.  A good match for fish and seafood.


Cave de Tecou AOC Gaillac Confidence Blanc Doux

This sweet white wine is made from the Len de l'El grape and has a beautiful shiny golden colour.  This fine example of Gaillac sweet wine is smooth and full, with tones of exotic fruits and honey.  A natural accompaniment to foie gras, desserts or cheeses.


Cave de Tecou AOC Gaillac Methode Gaillacoise Brut

Based on the Mauzac grape, this award winning example of Traditional Gaillac sparkling white wine has a pale yellow or gold colour with a hint of green, and produces a fine and consistent sparkle. Tthe Mauzac grape gives a characteristic aroma of apples and this is complemented by a hint of brioche.  This is a fresh sparkling wine of some finesse.


Cave de Tecou AOC Gaillac Facetie Perle

A very good example of the Gaillac Perle style of wine, ideal for drinking as an aperitif or with seafood.  Recommended as a rejuvenating drink at the end of a tiring day at work.


Robert Plageoles AOC Gaillac Syrah

Robert Plageoles is well known in the French wine world for his championing of Gaillac's traditional grape varieties and vinification methods. This red wine made from 100% Syrah grapes is organically produced and has a ripe soft texture with a spicy and red fruit aroma.


Robert Plageoles AOC Gaillac Duras

This organically produced red wine made from 100% Duras has a fine bouquet with elegant soft tannins and rounded blackberry fruit.  It is a full-bodied wine with a spicy aroma.


Robert Plageoles AOC Gaillac Mauzac Vert

Continuing Robert Plageoles' focus on Gaillac's traditional grape varieties, this 100% Mauzac dry white has a youthful expressive style and an aroma of apples, lime and a hint of almonds.  It is a wonderfully drinkable and refreshing wine, which can be drunk by itself or as an accompaniment to food.